Lijst VUUR zoekt opvolging.

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Qualitatively good representation

VUUR has had a strict selection procedure for years. This way, only the best candidates are elected to represent you.

Broad representation

VUUR selects candidates from all possible university backgrounds. VUUR is also on both the University Council and Faculty Councils.

Possibilities for input

VUUR organizes multiple moments for input every year. It’s also possible to approach VUUR to give your input.

Internal training

Yearly, VUUR organizes training and other activities where her members can grow and learn.


VUUR for an accessible, sustainable, lively university

Fair resit policy. Flexible studying. Small-scale education. Student well-being. Smart sustainability. Lots of other things. VUUR has a position.


The best education

VUUR wants small-scale, innovative and fair education. That’s why VUUR wants to enable students to study flexibly and why VUUR is aiming for a less strict resit policy.

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Student well-being

The university has the responsibility to care for its students. VUUR is in favor of a better accessible student psychologist and a better prevention policy.

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The UU could user smarter sustainability solutions. VUUR is considering what these smart solutions could be.

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The university should be accessible for everyone who has the right academic level of thinking. VUUR is against gesture politics and wants to see actual measures on this subject.

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Join us and come to our activities.