VUUR has again won seven seats on the University Council 2017-2018! Our council members are all enthusiastic students with different backgrounds, as you can read below.

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Sonja de Wit (DGK, Veterinary Medicine) takes place in the University Council on behalf of Lijst VUUR. Sonja is a member of the PR-committee, and works for the Committee Real Estate and IT (FHI). Sonja thinks that it is important to draw attention to students’ well-being within the UU. This is why she is portfolio holder of ‘Students’ well-being’. She’s also concerned with accessibility of the University Library, and the process that will lead to a new rugby field. You can always contact Sonja: s.j.dewit@uu.nl







Gwenny Jongebloed (FSS, Interdisciplinary Social Science) is a member of the University Council on behalf of VUUR, where she is the Chair of the student body. She’s mainly concerned with supporting the council members and ensuring that everything runs in a structured manner. Gwenny is also on the Appointment Committee of the Vice Chairman and the Rector Magnificus of the Executive Board and is working in the Committee for Education, Research and Student Affairs (OOS) on subjects such as the Education and Examination Regulations, selection procedures and quality of education. She thinks communication with various student representatives is very important, because in this way the interests of the students can be represented as well as possible on university level. Gwenny is always available via g.jongebloed@uu.nl






Sven Rouschop (GW, Geschiedenis) is this year’s delegation chairman for Lijst VUUR in the university council. Next to this, he is also the vice-chairman of the Strategy, Staff & Organisation committee (SPO). This committee discusses policy related to such concepts as internationalisation, diversity and HR. Sven also concerns himself with a variety of other subjects, such as the evaluation of the digital students’ card and student participation in education. Sven considers the cooperation and communication between the various participatory bodies (university council, faculty councils, etc.) within the university to be one of the most important elements of his work. He feels that Lijst VUUR can and should play an essential part in realising this.








Joost (REBO, Economics and Business Economics) is student member and secretary of the University Council on behalf of Lijst VUUR, where he is a member of the Finance, Real Estate, and IT (FHI) committee. In particular, he engages himself with topics like privacy, independence of research, real estate and IT governance and the way the UU communicates with its students digitally. Next to that, he makes sure that all the other Student-members don’t have to worry about computer issues, sending emails and getting new post-its. Joost likes it when you send him emails at j.f.gadellaa@uu.nl!




Jonathan Steinebach (GW, Wijsbegeerte) is this year’s portfolio holder for staff affairs. Furthermore I’m striving to improve the accessibility of student governance. To this end I created the Student Governance Booth and co-operated on the Student Governance Week.







Robin (GW, Wijsbegeerte, Engelse Taal en Cultuur) chairs the committee Education, Research and Students, and deals with a lot of issues that directly affect students (like the Education Exam Regulations and the ‘bestuursagenda‘, which describes what the Executive Board will actually do this year). She’s also trying to involve faculty councils and study associations in the university’s decision making process.


Robin believes studying is more than just a diploma, and holds the portfolio Student Development. One project she’s initiated is making it possible for students to design their own education (literally!). At Interstedelijk Student Overleg, she’s holding an eye on national developments in higher education, such as what will happen with the money from the abolished student bursary.

Questions? Exciting ideas? r.wisse@uu.nl









Emma Carpay (Language and Culture Studies) is a VUUR member of the University Council this year. Emma is the secretary of the Strategy, Staff & Organisation committee (SPO). This committee discusses policy related to such concepts as internationalization, diversity and HR. She’s also in charge of all sustainability plans of the student body of the University Council. Therefore, waste separation and windmills are everyday subjects for Emma. Emma is also involved in the division of finances between student associations. Please email me with any questions you may have, at e.j.e.carpay@uu.nl!