Opening Academic Year

Classes have started and our representatives of Lijst VUUR have also started their one-year term in the faculty and University Councils.


Monday September 3rd the academic year was joyfully opened. During this festivity there was special attention for the increasing work pressure in the academic community. Professors and students pinned a red square on their uniforms to protest insufficient government funding. The University Council joined this effort unanimously.

For the time being, we will oversee that students interests are safeguarded during the distribution of the scarce resources we do have.

Also, if you have any comment or suggestion about your study: feel free to contact us!


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Election results

VUUR heeft afgelopen maand liefst 4048 van de 7906 zetels behaald (51,2 %), wat betekent dat alle 7 kandidaten van  VUUR verkozen zijn! Zonder jullie was dat niet mogelijk geweest. Bedankt!

Student Votes
1. M.A. (Maaike) Röling, Diergeneeskunde 647
2. C.C. (Bina) Chirino, Geesteswetenschappen 429
3. I.J.M. (Ingrid) Weerts, Geesteswetenschappen 339
4. J. (Jeroen) Poortstra, Geowetenschappen 179
5. F. (Floris) Boudens, Sociale Wetenschappen / Geesteswetenschappen 397
6. D. (Demian) van Gurp, Bètawetenschappen 189
7. T.J. (Tymen) Cobelens, Geowetenschappen 245


Read more in the DUB artikel. We congratualate other parties as well. Partij of the Utrechtse Student (PvdUS) got 4 seats and we welcome the new party Vrije Student which got 1 seat.

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