Jeroen Poortstra




Jeroen Poortstra (GEO,  Earth Sciences)
UAV, U.S. Histos

Jeroen recently finished the bachelor Earth Sciences at the faculty of Geosciences. Apart from studying he participates in several committees and a racing team at sailing association Histos. He has been closely involved in the education of students. For example, he has been a member of the education committee of the study Earth Sciences and the committee on higher education of student union VIDIUS. In the education committee he was concerned with improvement of the review period of exams and report, as well as the feedback given on the latter. He would like to continue working on this topic in the university council.

Furthermore, he would like to gain awareness for mental health problems by improving the understanding among fellow students and teachers and get rid of the taboo on this subject. Also, he thinks it should be easier, financially and time wise, to attend a student psychologist. Thirdly, he finds a vibrant and attractive university campus with sufficient (self)study en meeting places of large importance.