VUUR 18 – 19

From the 14th to the 16th of May there were elections for several faculty councils and the university council.  Meet the VUUR fraction 2018 – 2019 here! They will introduce themselves and tell you which student organizations and standpoints are important to them.

1. Ingrid Weerts (Humanities, Artificial Intelligence)
USCKI Incognito, Education Committee AI

This is Ingrid Weerts, 20, BSc Artificial Intelligence student. Every day, she sees lecture halls that are extremely full, and teachers who collapse under the workload. She sees that almost no one feels involved with the student participation and the university council. That’s surprising, since the council makes important decisions about your education. The student body is consulted about your seating areas in the university library, about when your tuition is due, and about the didactical training of your Teaching assistants. And yet, an election turnout of 26,3% last year, was historically high.

Ingrid thinks that’s bizarre. The university council represents you, but can only do so if you choose to vote. Ingrid wants to use all her political experience to get to work for you. A vote for Ingrid, is a vote for righteous and qualitative education, and an approachable university council. You can always mail her with questions, suggestions and ideas: – that doesn’t only go during election times, but also afterwards. See you at the ballot box!


2. Jeroen Poortstra (GEO,  Earth Sciences)
UAV, U.S. Histos

Jeroen recently finished the bachelor Earth Sciences at the faculty of Geosciences. Apart from studying he participates in several committees and a racing team at sailing association Histos. He has been closely involved in the education of students. For example, he has been a member of the education committee of the study Earth Sciences and the committee on higher education of student union VIDIUS. In the education committee he was concerned with improvement of the review period of exams and report, as well as the feedback given on the latter. He would like to continue working on this topic in the university council.

Furthermore, he would like to gain awareness for mental health problems by improving the understanding among fellow students and teachers and get rid of the taboo on this subject. Also, he thinks it should be easier, financially and time wise, to attend a student psychologist. Thirdly, he finds a vibrant and attractive university campus with sufficient (self)study en meeting places of large importance.


3. Bina Chirino (Humanities, Language and culture studies)
Studiestichting Alias, Happietaria, Teiresias

Bina is in her third year of Language and culture studies and likes to participate in a large number of extracurricular activities. She has taken place in several committees of christian student association S.S.R.-N.U and student association Alias, and was a manager for pop-up student restaurant Happietaria. In the council, she would like to focus on student well-being, sustainability and diversity within the UU.






4. Maaike Röling (DKG, Veterinary Medicine)
V.V.F.C. De Uithof, Onderwijscommissie en Faculteitsraad  DGK

This picture shows Maaike, a third year bachelor’s student Veterinary Medicine. For now anyways. Next year, she hopes to be found in the University council: to represent your interests. Studying of course, is inextricably linked to education, and as a student, you want and are entitled to education of a good quality. Especially this education is what Maaike wants to promote; e.a. by looking into the best support for student participation councils the closest to you. After all, there are aspects of education that can be arranged for the whole university as whole, but we shouldn’t forget that we have different, unique faculties as well.

Experience in the faculty council/study programme committee is what she wants to take with her next year to not only represent the veterinary student, but all the students at Utrecht University! May she represent your interests as well next year? Then vote for Lijst VUUR on 14-16 May!


5. Floris Boudens (Humanities, History + Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary Social Sciences)
SV Eureka (Humanities Honours Programme), UHSK.

Floris (21) is a third year History student. He also started studying Interdisciplinary Social Sciences this this year. He wants to bring his critical attitude to the University Council and work towards a better university.   🙂

Studying at two faculties simultaneously is a challenge. It has made him realize how important overarching policy is for our University. That’s why he wants to represent students in the University Council next year. The University Council is a representative body whose concern lies with both substantial and smaller issues that nevertheless need to be streamlined. An important issue he would like to defend is a fairer distribution of board grants. The University should (also) reward associations that value the pursuit of knowledge. Floris also stands for improved education and honours programmes. Furthermore, we need to be more attentive, and find solutions in regard to the psychological ailments of our students. We could work to make the student psychologist more accessible to those who could benefit from this guidance.

6. Demian van Gurp (Bèta, Molecular Life Sciences)

This is Demian van Gurp and while being a concerned student at the Faculty of Science at the track Molecular Life Sciences he runs into things of which he feels like this could be done better. Also on higher levels he notices a lot of things where something needs to be done to guarantee a great studying experience for students. Together with the council members in the university council he would like to tackle certain issues.

He would like to make the UU more sustainable, where everyone can build on their future. Also issues like the resit regulations need to be reviewed to get the best for students out of this. A lively and vibrant Uithof, Inner City, UCU and UCR are also on his list!

A vote for him stands for a university which goes with the modern times and which can be experienced by everyone as a pleasant experience

Do you want to know more, do you have comments, or a good idea? Don’t hesitate to send him a message!

Would you like Demian to put all his effort in your interests? Then vote for Demian on May 14, 15 and 16!


7. Tymen Cobelens (GEO, Science and Innovation Management)
C.S. Veritas, Faculteitsraad GEO

Tymen is a 20 year old student who studies Science and Innovation Management. Beside his study is Tymen an active and involved student. He is a member of C.S. Veritas and has already been a member of the advisory board of the faculty of Geosciences in which he gained a lot of experience. Tymen is an active and involved student, and because of this he finds it important that the active and also the involved students will be represented properly at the university from the University Council. In the past year Tymen had started in the faculty council of Geosciences with the changement of the resit rules within the faculty.                             <

In the next year Tymen wants to commit himself for a better communication between students and the university. Also he likes to have more clarity between the different faculties which makes it easier for students to expand their study trajectory outside of their major. Tymen also want to commit himself to a better scheduling system, which makes it easier for students to plan activities outside of their studies. Therefore, Vote VUUR!