To a diverse and inclusive UU

VUUR always strives for progress. With passion and vision we set out goals to put attention for diversity on the map. Our vision is that Utrecht University should work hard to become inclusive for all students! We feel that attention for diversity is based on diminishing the gap of social inequality.

The last few months we did research, organized a brainstorm about this topic, created a cooperation or platform and organized an open dialogue April 4th about diversity on our university.

On April 12th we were also invited to come to the ministry of Education, Culture and Science to share our point of view about how to make diversity a more integrated aspect of higher education. In a debate about this topic, Josefien was actually quoted by the minister Jet Bussemaker!

Do you want to know more? Here is the link to the report about the dialogue session. Do you want to participate? Email to J.vanMarlen1@uu.nl to join the diversity movement!