Press release: Lijst VUUR will continue to support objectives of WOinActie

Press release: Lijst VUUR will continue to support objectives of WOinActie

22 March 2019 university participation press release 0

Utrecht – On the 15th of March some of the student members of WOinActie (Utrecht) announced their intention to create a new electoral list. Association of student participation VUUR regrets this decision, because they had supported the action group via their factions in the university councils and several faculty councils during recent months. Nonetheless, VUUR will remain supporting the objectives of WOinActie and continue to wear the red square symbol.

As an association VUUR has tried to support action group WOinActie as much as possible this academic year. Because of this, a contact person on behalf of VUUR is closely engaged with the organisation of WOinActie and their message has been shared widespread on social media. The faction in the university council has arranged that the Executive Board had arranged bus transport to the national strikes amongst other things. Therefore, it is regrettable to learn that WOinActie (Utrecht) unilaterally ends the informal collaboration with VUUR in student participation.

Despite an electoral list of WOinActie (Utrecht) VUUR will continue to support the ideas of WOinActie. After all, it is not of interest for two parties to spread the same message, but create an appearance of division in the university council because of party politics. This year VUUR has experienced it as fruitful to have a good interaction between activism on the one hand and a dialogue through student participation by means of VUUR on the other hand.

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