Qualitatively good education

At Utrecht University, everyone deserves a righteous study climate. This means there has to be room for innovation of education, to allow the quality of education to grow according to the development of society.

→ Fair resit policy
→ Flexible tuition fee
→ Small-scale education
→ Recorded lectures
→ Fair board scholarships

Relaxed study climate

More and more students suffer from stress and burn-outs. VUUR thinks mental well-being of students should be one of Utrecht Universities priorities. Also, it’s important to have enough study facilities.

→ Recognition of mental health problems
→ Accessible student psychologist
→ More space in the university library
→ Physical student card

Accessible university

Utrecht University has approximately 35.000 students and employees. That’s why good and transparent communication is very important. Also, VUUR thinks that everyone with an adequate academic level of thinking should be welcomed into the university community.

→ Input evenings for the entire university community
→ No financial barriers
→ Sensible internationalisation
→ Wheelchair accessible inner city facilities

Lively university

Utrecht Science Park is a large part of our campus. VUUR thinks that the right atmosphere supports the university community. That’s why the facilities in the inner city should get up to speed with the USP and that the USP should be improved.

→ More and better catering at Utrecht Science Park
→ More green at Utrecht Science Park
→ More power outlets at the inner city facilities
→ Better rooms for study associations at the inner city facilities
→ Modernisation of the inner city buildings.

UU for the future

VUUR thinks that Utrecht University can contribute a lot to sustainability. Not only by doing research, but also by creating a sustainable organisation. VUUR also thinks that the university should be offering enough sustainable and healthy catering options.

→ Enough green energy
→ Smart saving
→ Always separate waste
→ Sports matches between universities
→ Healthy and sustainable catering

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