Student wellbeing

The mental health of students is increasingly worrisome. VUUR is working towards a better understanding and improvements of student wellbeing. These projects are currently running:

  1.  Thermos
    THERMOS is a university-wide project that will give you a grip on your attitude, experience and progress when it comes to your studies. With the help of feedback, you’ll be working more efficiently and more effectively in no time. This project needs students like you so that we can find out what your needs are. This is why THERMOS is organizing three focus groups. You can earn €10,- per focusgroup for your contributiuon.
    Want to apply? Mail to:
    Download the folder for more information:  Information-THERMOS-focusgroups-EN.docx (0 downloads)
  2. Stichting OER
    Stichting OER is also researching Student wellbeing and also organizing focus groups. OER focusses on prevention of psycho-social diseases in the Bachelor fase. In order to shape the project accordingly OER would like to invite the student to their focusgroup the 13th of November. Want to help OER? Click the link:
    PS: We will make sure there is something to eat and drink.
  3. Taskforce Studentenwelzijn
    Lijst VUUR co-created the taskforce student well-being, which will study the subject matter structurally and will organize all sorts of events. More importantly the tastforce will advise the Executive Board on the matter. If you have any good suggestions the Board should know about please mail to:
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