The University council regularly meets with the Executive Board. These meetings are public. You can read a short summary of what we discussed below, or click on agenda and verslag for the notes and memo’s (unfortunately, these are all in Dutch. Please contact us if you don’t speak Dutch but want to know what was discussed on a certain theme, or if you want to help us push for English language summaries). Here you find the whole medezeggenschap administration.


UR+ April 24, 2018 (agenda, verslag)

In april, the council meeting was joined by over 100 student board members, who were there for the discussion of the VUUR nota ‘herziening profileringsfonds’, in which we advocate a revision of the fund for board members. Specifically, VUUR argued for better support of part-time board members, who are left behind with recent developments like tuition free full-time board years and the abolition of stufi. The board recognized our passion and involvement, and will think of this nota when redesigning the criteria for bursaries. They were also curious about other option, such as flexible studying. They did, however, let us know that they don’t plan to increase the fund, and that they would much prefer evolution to revolution. We also discussed the sudden shorter opening times of Pnyx, in which the council made clear that the lack of discussion and communication about this was not appreciated. The earlier closure has been postponed untill after the summer. We’ve also discussed the (digital) student card. After months of going back and forth, the board presented us numbers; we’re holding talks about alternative options such as an opt-in system as soon as possible. Awaiting these talks, the council has withheld their approval of the Studentenstatuut, in which student’s rights to a student card are written down. We’ve approved of the financial rapport, with the promise that we would get more information about some topics, and discussed the use of English, and its justification, in our programmes.

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UR+ February 19, 2018 (agenda, verslag)

In Februari the university council and board discussed UU’s language policy, in which the language of all Master programmes is “English, unless..”. We argued, among other things, for involving Education Committees in a programme’s language policy. The council also succeeded in convincing the board of the need for a university wide digital course planner. They however didn’t much like the idea of adopting the internally developed course planner, as they would rather outsource it to a stable market party. We’ve also asked questions about a code of conduct for student associations following a couple of incidents,  caracal, and Thuisthuis, a cool student initiative for food on campus.

Also take a look at the committee meetings Finance, Personnel and ICT (agenda, verslag), Strategy, Housing and Organisation (agenda, verslag) and Education, Reserach and Students (agenda, verslag).

UR+ December 11, 2017 (Agenda, conceptverslag)

In December, the Council and the Executive Board discussed the “bestuursagenda”, in which the Board proposes ways to act on the Strategic Themes this year and presents the concept budget for 2018. Another topic was a change in the way our Master programmes select students. From now on, the Board and Council agreed, selection procedures have to be evidence based. In this way, we can be sure that we accept students based on whether they would be a good fit for the programme, and not accidentally measure irrelevant circumstances. Other topics were our evaluation programma Caracal, rugby fields, lay talks before promotions, and the way the quality of our programmes is measured by the government.

Also take a look at the committee meetings Finance, Housing and ICT (agendaconceptverslag), Strategy, Personnel and Organisation (agendaconceptverslag) en Education, Research en Students (agendaconceptverslag).

UR+ November 6, 2017 (Agenda, conceptverslag)
In November, Lijst VUUR, the rest of the University Council and the UU board met again. We discussed the OER (Onderwijs en Examenregeling) and the University Council decided to maintain the current -UU wide- retake rule. This rule means that it is not possible to retake exams when you passed the original exam. Lijst VUUR voted (6/7) against this: we wanted the faculties to decide about this matter and whether this is the best fit for their faculty. Unfortunately, the University Council decided differently. We also expressed our worries at the high fees for the new selective BA Politics, Philosophy and Economics. Other subjects were the petition WOInActie, the Vagant, grading tables and the lecture times.

 Also take a look at the committee meetings Finance, Housing and ICT (agendaconceptverslag), Strategy, Personnel and Organisation (agendaconceptverslag) and Education, Research and Students (agendaconceptverslag).

UR+ September 18, 2017 (Agenda, conceptverslag)
In September, lijst VUUR had their first official meeting with the University Council and the Executive Board. During this meeting, we discussed subjects such as our goals as the University Council, the U-CAT (University Centre of Academic Teaching) and several other subjects. We explained our concerns for the new, digitalized student card. We received a lot of complaints from student about it and we asked the board of they were aware of these complaints. They answered that the app will be enhanced and the lack of defaults will increase its popularity.

Also take a look at the committee meeting Finance, Housing and ICT (agendaconceptverslag).


UR+ 28 juni 2017 (Agenda, conceptverslag)

UR+ 1 mei 2017 (Agenda, verslag)

UR+ 6 december 2016 (Agenda, verslag)

UR+ 8 november 2016 (Agenda, verslag)

UR+ 16 september 2016 (Agenda, verslag)