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Thanks for showing an interest in Vereniging VUUR! As you may already know, VUUR has delegations in the University Council and the Faculty Councils of the Humanities and Sciences. Besides that, there are also members of Vereniging VUUR in the Faculty Councils of REBO, Veterinary Medicine and Geosciences. We are growing and looking to get VUUR settled in the Faculty Council of Social Sciences.

Behind these council members stands a society that supports them, and gives them valuable input. As a member of VUUR you are invited to join activities like brainstorms, general meetings and casual drinks, which are all great places to meet interesting people with affinity for and sometimes experience in politics.

Joining VUUR gives you the opportunity to be involved in student representation at UU, easily give input to people that will actually do something with it, and meet lots of interesting people.

If this sounds like you, click here for the membership form (currently only available in Dutch, please email us at if you are interested but do not speak Dutch, and we will make sure you are able to join).