Vereniging VUUR:
Door het VUUR Voor  

Vereniging VUUR is dé medezeggenschapsvereniging van Utrecht!

Our core positions

For the coming year, these are the main topics we want to address in the different councils:

Educational quality and digitalisation: Focus on interdisciplinary and flexible education. Physical lectures where possible, but tailor-made for online attendance. We are committed to open science and want financial help for people who can afford (digital) study materials.

Diversity and inclusiveness: We remain committed to an accessible and inclusive campus, with all-gender toilets and silence rooms. We make an extra effort for first-generation students and students from non-western migration backgrounds. Internationalisation also remains important to us, which is why VUUR wants more language courses to break down the language barrier and make education accessible to all. Student Wellbeing: Student wellbeing through physical activity, breaking the drug taboo and peer support groups. Social safety remains a focus for the university. Sustainability: A more sustainable university through a circular economy and more renewable energy use, also more focus on sustainability in education.
Lune de Rijck
University council

VUUR wants sustainable wellbeing for students: long-term and more intensive guidance. VUUR advocates for the visibility of the humanities, and all the career-oriented opportunities that come with it. VUUR makes a case for diversity and inclusion, with a focus on anonymous assessment, first generation students and gender neutrality. VUUR pleads for sustainable awareness among students, for instance in the form of eco-information for study associations. VUUR makes a case for the humanities city centre, to counteract faculty fragmentation and increase the visibility of study possibilities. VUUR makes efforts to increase the visibility of the representative body, in the form of increased transparency of the representative bodies and their work and faculty stimulation of this.

Pepijne van Rooijen

Improving student wellbeing. Increasing the inclusiveness and accessibility of the faculty. Improving cooperation between study associations and the faculty. Offering the possibility of flex studying. Providing students with more space to study and develop. Making the faculty more sustainable.

Fiona Holdinga
Social and Behavioural sciences

Amend cum laude regulation and enforce compliance period for lecturers. Record physical lectures. Clarify take-home examinations. Make resit policy more flexible. Promote sustainability, internationalisation & diversity and improve where necessary! verbeteren waar nodig!

Hugo Wagenmakers
Law, Economics and Governance


High education quality is at the heart of the VUUR-positions. That is what you come to university for as a student. This also applies to digital forms of education, even during the Corona cri-sis.

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Utrecht University must be a frontrunner in sustainability. Waiting is no longer an option. VUUR is committed to preparing the university for the future.

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Student wellbeing

Studying is the time of your life. But with high workload and financial pressure, that is easi-er said than done. That is why VUUR is committed to paying more attention to the individual stu-dent.

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Diversity is part of the core values of the academic community. VUUR is therefore commit-ted to a hospitable university where everyone can feel at home.

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