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Verenigde Utrechtse Universitaire Raden

Your education

High education quality is at the heart of the VUUR-positions. That is what you come to university for as a student. This also applies to digital forms of education, even during the Corona crisis.

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Utrecht University must be a frontrunner in sustainability. Waiting is no longer an option. VUUR is committed to preparing the university for the future.

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Student wellbeing

Studying is the time of your life. But with high workload and financial pressure, that is easier said than done. That is why VUUR is committed to paying more attention to the individual student.

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Diversity is part of the core values of the academic community. VUUR is therefore committed to a hospitable university where everyone can feel at home.

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Our candidates

Vote in the elections for participation from 2 to 4 June! Our university council candidates are ready to represent you.

Roman Monte

Party Leader

Student Biology and current member of the faculty council Science. Pole-vaulter.

Andreia Duque

Plek 2

Student Economic Policy and comes from Portugal. Playing basketball and member of ECU’92.

Marijn Baars

Plek 3

Student Dutch Studies and en experienced representative. Former board of SV Awater.

Nandika Mogha

Plek 4

Student at University College Utrecht. Originally from New Delhi, India.

Tom Buster

Plek 5

Student Pedagogical Sciences and current chairman of SV Pap.

Niek van Baardewijk

Plek 6

Student Governance Organizational Science. Lid van studentenvereniging VGSU.

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