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The UU is constantly searching for the right balance between renewing and maintaining more than 60 buildings spread across the city center and USP.


The UU wants to be an example for company sustainability and would like to create consciousness about sustainability in society.


The UU wants to be an international university, but the implementation should be done wisely.

University Participation

The university is an organization in which many people are involved in daily life, so it is important to have a say in administrative decisions.

Quality Education

Providing good education is a main task of the university of course.

Student Life

It should be possible for all students to get the maximum out of their student period by having a good atmosphere amongst students in Utrecht.

Student Wellbeing

These days there are more expectations for students, so the university should consider this carefully.


The UU is an organisation with over 35.000 students and employees, so clear communication and a welcoming atmosphere are important.