Website is being updated!

  Earlier this year the website had already been given a new branding, but now the content will also be further updated. After the updates there will be more information about the internal affairs of VUUR available and the current activities of the representatives will be up to date. After the updates all pages should…
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7 April 2019 0

Candidates for Humanities are announced!

The first candidates for the next elections are for the faculty council of Humanities. Just like last year, many students from this faculty were enthusiastic again to run as a member of VUUR for the faculty council. Two current members are even up for re-election. The candidates for 2019-2020 are: Daan van der Weijden Anna…
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5 April 2019 0

VUUR asks questions about the upcoming Brexit

  During the closing questions of the faculty council meeting of Humanities on the 22nd of March, Job Petersen asked the faculty board about the consequences for the faculty of the upcoming Brexit. Namely, it appears as if the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union in less than a week. Although the currents exchange…
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22 March 2019 0

Press release: Lijst VUUR will continue to support objectives of WOinActie

Utrecht – On the 15th of March some of the student members of WOinActie (Utrecht) announced their intention to create a new electoral list. Association of student participation VUUR regrets this decision, because they had supported the action group via their factions in the university councils and several faculty councils during recent months. Nonetheless, VUUR…
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22 March 2019 0

Directors, a bit of self reflection cannot hurt from time to time

This opinion piece is unfortunately only available in Dutch. We apologize for the inconvenience!

13 March 2019 0

Teachers, don’t be sweet but strike!

  This article was published in Trouw daily. It is not yet available in English, but it will be translated soon. Our apologies for the inconvenience!

8 March 2019 0