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Lijst VUUR asks for translation of campus plans

Job presenting a dictionary to the Executive Board. Picture: Lijst VUUR Together with the students of the UCU Council, Lijst VUUR send a letter to the Executive Board of Utrecht University to formally request a translation of the new campus plans. A press release is available in Dutch for more context.

17 October 2019 0

Website is being updated!

  Earlier this year the website had already been given a new branding, but now the content will also be further updated. After the updates there will be more information about the internal affairs of VUUR available and the current activities of the representatives will be up to date. After the updates all pages should…
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7 April 2019 0

VUUR asks questions about the upcoming Brexit

  During the closing questions of the faculty council meeting of Humanities on the 22nd of March, Job Petersen asked the faculty board about the consequences for the faculty of the upcoming Brexit. Namely, it appears as if the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union in less than a week. Although the currents exchange…
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22 March 2019 0

Note with recommendations about internationalisation

Unfortunately, this note has not yet been translated. It was discussed in the meeting of the Humanities Council on the 22nd of March and we will do our best to translate it as soon as possible. Our apologies for the inconvenience!

4 March 2019 0

HUM: students before 2017-2018 may use an adjusted Grading Table

From the minutes of the faculty council meeting on the 29th of June 2018: The council stated that the new Grading Table system is disadvantageous for students who have started before 2017/2018. The former Grading Table System was still used back then and the grades of the first year courses were left out in the…
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30 August 2018 0

Projects on internationalisation

VUUR works with the PvdUS on projects within internationalization. Utrecht University strives to become more international. We believe it is important that every student gets the opportunity to gain international experience. Because of this, we are in the process of organizing an International Student Week: a week aimed at stimulating UU students to go on…
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22 December 2016 0

Language Institute Babel still affordable for students?

  In 2012 Utrecht University closed the former James Boswell Institute, and after this the institute made a private restart with Babel as new name. Back then it was said that the fees would probably change little. However, the fees have doubled in less than a year. Lijst VUUR is therefore looking into whether students…
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29 October 2015 0