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(Nederlands) VUUR ondersteunt de ‘Ware’ Opening van het Academisch Jaar

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25 August 2019 0

Press release: Lijst VUUR will continue to support objectives of WOinActie

Utrecht – On the 15th of March some of the student members of WOinActie (Utrecht) announced their intention to create a new electoral list. Association of student participation VUUR regrets this decision, because they had supported the action group via their factions in the university councils and several faculty councils during recent months. Nonetheless, VUUR…
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22 March 2019 0

Teachers, don’t be sweet but strike!

  This article was published in Trouw daily. It is not yet available in English, but it will be translated soon. Our apologies for the inconvenience!

8 March 2019 0

Quality Agreements: Lijst VUUR listens to you

  Sinds het collegejaar 2015-2016 starten studenten niet langer met een basisbeurs. Bij het aannemen van de wetswijziging hierover, is beloofd dat de afgenomen geld geïnvesteerd zouden worden in het onderwijs. Vanaf volgend collegejaar komt er daarom negen miljoen euro extra naar de UU. Dat bedrag loopt de komende jaren op tot rond de twintig…
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5 October 2018 0

‘Students and teachers are being screwed.’

During five days in May 1969 Amsterdammer students occupied the Maagdenhuis. They launched a long tradition of student protests in which the Maagdenhuis would serve as background, time and time again. The occupation of ’69 made history because it was successful. Slowly the democratization of the university began, through student and employee representation. All thanks…
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1 October 2018 0

Opening Academic Year 2019

  Classes have started and our representatives of Lijst VUUR have also started their one-year term in the faculty and University Councils. Monday September 3rd the academic year was joyfully opened. During this festivity there was special attention for the increasing work pressure in the academic community. Professors and students pinned a red square on…
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8 September 2018 0