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#10000uur: take a stance against over time

10,000 unpaid hours of extra work. That is the reality at Utrecht University. Due to cutbacks and an increasing student population, the duties of scientific personnel increase, without the same increase in hours or pay.

25 August 2020 0

Quality Agreements: Lijst VUUR listens to you

  Sinds het collegejaar 2015-2016 starten studenten niet langer met een basisbeurs. Bij het aannemen van de wetswijziging hierover, is beloofd dat de afgenomen geld geïnvesteerd zouden worden in het onderwijs. Vanaf volgend collegejaar komt er daarom negen miljoen euro extra naar de UU. Dat bedrag loopt de komende jaren op tot rond de twintig…
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5 October 2018 0

Opening Academic Year 2019

  Classes have started and our representatives of Lijst VUUR have also started their one-year term in the faculty and University Councils. Monday September 3rd the academic year was joyfully opened. During this festivity there was special attention for the increasing work pressure in the academic community. Professors and students pinned a red square on…
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8 September 2018 0

Regulations around retakes are more clear

  For some a reason to celebrate, for others a dissapointment, but it least the regulations around retakes are more clear now.. The article in DUB is unfortunately only available in Dutch.

14 November 2017 0

Lijst VUUR have written a brochure about the EER

  NB: this post was part of our archive and has been translated to English afterwards, but unfortunately we have not been able to translate the brochure as well. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience! In the recent period Lijst VUUR have worked on a brochure that explains the Education and Examination Regulations in a…
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5 January 2016 0

Uniform resit regulations for all resits due to force majeure

  With help from Lijst VUUR rector magnificus Bert van der Zwaan has agreed to the the proposal of the university council that all students are allowed to have a resit according to the new Education and Examination Regulantions of 2016-2017. Before, faculties and degrees were allowed to decide this for themselves. Many students could…
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30 October 2015 0

Language Institute Babel still affordable for students?

  In 2012 Utrecht University closed the former James Boswell Institute, and after this the institute made a private restart with Babel as new name. Back then it was said that the fees would probably change little. However, the fees have doubled in less than a year. Lijst VUUR is therefore looking into whether students…
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29 October 2015 0