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(Nederlands) Nota Herziening Profileringsfonds 2020-2023

We’ve send in our nota about the Board Remunerations! VUUR wants some big changes in the devision of compensations in 2018, in order for all student organisations to be appreciated for the work they are doing. We want (financial) recognition for a more diverse range of activities and a larger variety in organisations. The note…
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25 March 2018 0

Dutch radio interview: a fair division of student board grants!

  Lijst VUUR works hard for a just and transparant student culture with a fair division of student board grants. On Wednesday the 17th of January our own Emma Carpay (faction university council) was interviewed (in Dutch) by NPO Radio 1 in the morning about our earlier press release. NB: This post has been translated…
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18 January 2018 0

DUB-article: Lijst VUUR wants a more equal division of student board grants

Unfortunately, this article was only provided in Dutch by DUB. We apologize for the inconvenience.

17 January 2018 0

Printing prices: students pay more than production costs

Printing at UU: are students paying too much? Students pay 3 euro cents per printed page. Employees print for free, but they can see how much the print job would have costed them. Intranet, the internal communication structure for employees, published an article informing employees that the actual price of printing was lower than the…
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21 March 2017 0

Tuition in equal installments

Students can pay their tuition fees either at the beginning of the year, or in five installments spread out over the year. Currently, these installments are collected very irregularly, with a varying amount per installment. VUUR believes that this is a very suboptimal arrangement for students that live from month to month. For this reason…
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22 December 2016 0