Christmas goals: Nandika Mogha

Christmas goals: Nandika Mogha

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Christmas goals: Nandika Mogha

“As students, we need to rethink our approach towards research and education in a way that our relationship with the environment is renewed. Utrecht University has set many impressive long term goals in terms of sustainability and student participation. I hope to take some short term steps on the journey of realising these goals.”


Nandika Mogha

As a resident of UCU, Nandika has become a real student in Utrecht. This year she wants to use the experience she has gained at the Green Office to make the university more sustainable and innovative. As the party leader of VUUR in the university council, she is also an important link with the supporters.


Nandika’s Projects

This year Nandika hopes to set up a body within the University which focuses primarily on enabling students with sustainable startups and social entrepreneurship. She believes that the University has a lot to offer in terms of networking, incubation, and research resources for students who are looking for that extra push that will turn their idea into a startup. “Eventually, we hope to integrate these startups within the University and campuses itself to create a circular economy. We are also looking for ways we can partner with other universities. The more students, the more ideas, the more sustainable development.”

Nandika also hopes to take steps in order to increase the visibility of the student council, especially at University College Utrecht. “Our validity and relevance as a Council increases when the number of students participating in the elections, discussion, and decisions also increases. I think UCU is an incredibly diverse population in terms of opinions, ideas, and background. I hope to harness the strength which lies there.”