Christmas goals: Roman Monte

Christmas goals: Roman Monte

14 December 2020 Christmas goals university participation 0

Christmas goals: Roman Monte

“Het behalen van je studie is zonder corona al een doel op zich. Het wordt er niet makkelijker van als je ook nog online je vakken moet volgen. Ik wil graag dat er de mogelijkheid is voor iedere student om de universiteit op te zoeken om te studeren. Hopelijk kan ik jou zo helpen je doel te behalen”

Roman in the university council

Roman wasn’t done with it after a year in the faculty council. Now he is a VUUR faction member in the university council. He has housing and facilities as his portfolio. If you have any ideas or questions, why not send him a dm or an email

Bad internet, a small desk with a chair filled with laundury, or partying roommates. There is more than enogh that might distract you at home. Roman knows this like no other and thinks it is essential for you to be able to study normally. Therefor he is working on making sure that everybody who wants to, can get a library spot.

We are working on more places for self-study or for collaboration. And a better reservation system!

If you have tips, questions or remarks, feel free to email to