Faction Faculty Council Humanities 2020-2021

Faction faculty council humanities 2020-2021

Meet the VUUR faction faculty council humanities 2020-2021 here. They introduce themselves and identify which associations and point are important to the council members. Learn about our duties and functions. Do not hesitate to email us at geesteswetenschappen@verenigingvuur.nl. Curious who was on the faculty council on behalf of VUUR in the past? Then click here!

Joris Canoy

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

Sabrina van den Brink

Liberal, Arts and Sciences (FenR), Humanities Honours Programme

Natalia Jagolski

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

Sam Langelaan

Filosofie (FenR)

Daan van der Weijden

Taalwetenschap (TLC), Kunstmatige Intelligentie (FenR)

Chiara Stam

Media en Cultuur (MenC)

Rivka Bruins

Taalwetenschap (TLC)

Richie tessensohn

Geschiedenis (GKG)