Lijst VUUR have written a brochure about the EER

Lijst VUUR have written a brochure about the EER

5 January 2016 quality education accessibility 0


NB: this post was part of our archive and has been translated to English afterwards, but unfortunately we have not been able to translate the brochure as well. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience!

In the recent period Lijst VUUR have worked on a brochure that explains the Education and Examination Regulations in a clear and insightful way. Because the actual document is quite hard to grasp, we felt called to clear up the bureaucratic fuss just a little bit.

Of course, every student should be able to know about their rights and duties within university, preferably even before they have missed resit opportunities for example. We will deliver the brochures to study associations, visit lectures, and leave them behind on frequently visited places.

However, the easiest and most sustainable way is to read it online (Dutch only). Go read and be well informed!