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Casper de Haes volgt Douglas Dorothal op in Universiteitsraad UU

VUUR-raadslid Douglas Dorothal (21) legt per 1 februari zijn werk voor de Universiteitsraad van de Universiteit Utrecht neer. Casper de Haes (21) volgt hem op.

20 January 2020 0

Press release: Lijst VUUR will continue to support objectives of WOinActie

Utrecht – On the 15th of March some of the student members of WOinActie (Utrecht) announced their intention to create a new electoral list. Association of student participation VUUR regrets this decision, because they had supported the action group via their factions in the university councils and several faculty councils during recent months. Nonetheless, VUUR…
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22 March 2019 0

Opening Academic Year 2019

  Classes have started and our representatives of Lijst VUUR have also started their one-year term in the faculty and University Councils. Monday September 3rd the academic year was joyfully opened. During this festivity there was special attention for the increasing work pressure in the academic community. Professors and students pinned a red square on…
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8 September 2018 0

Election results

VUUR heeft afgelopen maand liefst 4048 van de 7906 zetels behaald (51,2 %), wat betekent dat alle 7 kandidaten van  VUUR verkozen zijn! Zonder jullie was dat niet mogelijk geweest. Bedankt! Read more in the DUB artikel. We congratualate other parties as well. Partij of the Utrechtse Student (PvdUS) got 4 seats and we welcome the…
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8 June 2018 0

(Nederlands) Nota Herziening Profileringsfonds 2020-2023

We’ve send in our nota about the Board Remunerations! VUUR wants some big changes in the devision of compensations in 2018, in order for all student organisations to be appreciated for the work they are doing. We want (financial) recognition for a more diverse range of activities and a larger variety in organisations. The note…
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25 March 2018 0

Crowded library and not enough group spaces at the UU?

What’s the status and what can we do better? Help us by filling in our form, so we can try to solve the most common problems. NB: This form is only available in Dutch, our sincere apologies.

12 February 2018 0