Selection Committee

Application Committee

As an association, VUUR believes it is important not only to look critically at the university’s administrators, but also at the student representatives who have a formal say in the university’s policy. That is why VUUR has its own application committee, which is responsible for compiling the list of candidates for each fraction/council.

The VUUR application committee consists of a committee for the University Council and committees for the various faculty councils, respectively. These committees ensure a transparent application procedure, allowing applicants to present their qualities to the best of their ability.

The application procedure for the faculty councils consists of an introductory interview. The candidates for the University Council also participate in a case day, where they get a better idea of student participation. Prior to the interviews, candidates are selected on the basis of the letter and CV submitted. During the application, special attention is paid to general cooperation within the group and a diverse mix of qualities.

The members of the University Council application committee are appointed by members at a members’ assembly and consist of at least one board member. In principle, the fractions in the faculty councils select their own application committee and the board supports them where necessary.

University Council’s application committee:

  • Tom Buster(chair)
  • Joris Canoy
  • Eline Pothoven
  • Annemarijn Oudejans
  • Léon Gerridzen>


Contact with the University Council’s application committee can be made via For contact with the faculty council application committee, please send an e-mail to the group chairman of the respective faculty.