Advisory Board

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is the formal advisory body according to VUUR’s statutes. As a small association, a supervisory body is not legally required, but VUUR considers it important to organize itself professionally. That is why the Advisory Board discusses in any case all plans of the board prior to the members’ meetings. It also functions as a sounding board for important administrative decisions. The Advisory Council also has the right to issue unsolicited advice to the board or members itself.

The Advisory Board is appointed by members during the general meeting. They are nominated by the new board and the current members of the Advisory Board. In this way some independence is guaranteed, but also the small-scale and personal character of the association is taken into account. The aim is to achieve a diverse composition of the Advisory Board.

The Advisory Board

  • Katelijn Verweij has been a member since November 21, 2018 and is chair of the Advisory Board. She has a bachelor’s degree in Dutch Language and Culture and currently works for the Finance & Control department of the Faculty of Social Sciences. From 2017 to 2019, she was a member of the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Humanities, where she was chair of the student section and group chair for VUUR in her second year. Before that she was a board member of study association Awater.
  • Bina Chirino has been a member since August 27, 2019. She is following the bachelor’s degree in Language and Culture Studies at the Faculty of Humanities and is chair of the political youth party PerspectieF. Before she was active in the university council for VUUR as chair of the student section.
  • In academic year 18-19, Ingrid Weerts was a member of the University Council on behalf of VUUR as a member of the Education, Research and Student Affairs committee. In the same year, Ingrid was also chairman of the VUUR association. She was also a member of the Education Committee for three years and was a member of the Student Panel of her Artificial Intelligence study program. Ingrid is now studying Media Technology at the University of Leiden.
  • Anneloes Krul was secretary and acting chairman of the VUUR association in academic year 19-20. Anneloes studies Sociology and is closely involved in her training as an MT member. She gained her experience as a council member of the Faculty of Social Sciences.


Contact with the Advisory Board goes through the secretary of VUUR. This can be reached via