Advisory Board

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is the formal advisory body according to VUUR’s statutes. As a small association, a supervisory body is not legally required, but VUUR considers it important to organize itself professionally. That is why the Advisory Board discusses in any case all plans of the board prior to the members’ meetings. It also functions as a sounding board for important administrative decisions. The Advisory Council also has the right to issue unsolicited advice to the board or members itself.

The Advisory Board is appointed by members during the general meeting. They are nominated by the new board and the current members of the Advisory Board. In this way some independence is guaranteed, but also the small-scale and personal character of the association is taken into account. The aim is to achieve a diverse composition of the Advisory Board.

The Advisory Board
  • Rémi ter Haar
    MA Professional Translation (French) (GW) – MSc International Law (REBO) – BA French Language and
    Culture (GW) – BSc Law (REBO)
    Current: Board member of Landelijk Overleg Fracties (LOF)
    Previously: President SB University Council
  • Joost van Woerkom
    MSc Marine Sciences (GEO) – BA Liberal Arts & Sciences (GW)
    Current: Student advisor GEO
    Previously: General Board Member of VUUR 2021-2022; Commissioner External Imaging VUUR 2020-
  • Pepijne van Rooijen
    MA History of Politics & Society; BA Communication and Information Science
    Current: Studentassessor GW 
    Previously: Chair VUUR 2022-2023.
  • Casper Bruijning
    BA Physics
    Current: Student Member University Council Utrecht



Contact with the Advisory Board goes through the secretary of VUUR. This can be reached via


Former members of the Advisory Board:


  • Job de Jager
  • Remi ter Haar
  • Joost van Woerkom
  • Anna Marije Buren
  • Sabrina van den Brink


  • Anneloes Krul
  • Ingrid Weerts
  • Sabrina van den Brink


  • Katelijn Verweij
  • Bina Chirino
  • Ingrid Weerts
  • Anneloes Krul


  • Katelijn Verweij
  • Bina Chirino
  • Tom van den Top


  • Sven Rouschop
  • Katelijn Verweij
  • Carlijn van Schijndel


  • Jip den Held
  • Denise Berger
  • Emily Fransen
  • Maurid Darwish


  • Josefien van Marlen
  • Carlien Ostermeijer
  • Rik Vangangelt


  • Rhea van der Dong
  • Tariq Mouhtadi


  • Wouter Lammers
  • Isis Hommema
  • Mick van der Valk
  • Lennart van Doremalen
  • Steven Menke