List VUUR was established in 2006 due to the dissatisfaction with the quality of the candidates for the university council (VUUR stands for Association Utrecht University Councils). A few members of the university council participated with LinQ (former participation body that merged into VIDIUS) and USF Studentbelangen (the student union of Utrecht, also merged into VIDIUS) to take initiative in creating  a list with the goal to make quality the starting point in determining the order of candidates on the list.

In council year 2007-2008, the former fraction decided to create an association to support the party. From that moment on, subsequent fractions and governments worked hard to ensure that VUUR became a vibrant society for everybody who is active within student participation.


In the end of 2014 the fractions VUUR and Helder of the university council fused and continued together with the name Helder/VUUR. Helder was a party that was founded in 2010 with the basic ideology that the members of the university council must make themselves heard, should not hesitate to criticize, be proactive in bringing concrete solutions and, especially, need to ask for clarity.

Besides the overlap in ideology, Helder and VUUR also had a lot in common in substance areas: both were fighting for better quality of education, qualitative student participation and a sustainable university. The primary goal of the fusion was to create elections with more substance. After all, Helder and VUUR were both looking to profile themselves and the fusion enabled them to join forces in order to attain their mutual goals.

Since 2015-2016, the merged association Helder/VUUR has been continuing under the banner of VUUR.


Since the moment that list VUUR was founded, it has been involved in several important subjects. Click here to view the list of these milestones.