What is student representation?




In each layer of the organization of the University of Utrecht students and staff think about the policy and give critical advise to the various governing bodies. These students and staff represent the voice of their colleagues and peers to the Directors.  The purpose of the representative advisory board is to ensure that the opinions of students and staff are included in the decision-making.  .

In Utrecht there are different levels of participation. Participation is central to the university. The University council consists of 12 staff members and 12 students and advises the Executive Board on matters that concern the entire university.  At faculty level, there are the faculty councils. These councils consult with the Faculty Board on measures affecting the entire faculty. Depending on the faculty there are 8 or 12 students and staff on the board.

Finally, there are training committees. These committees have direct contact with the Program Director and are close to the bachelors themselves. They include a problem identifying role, but are also responsible for the course evaluations.  For more information, see the website of Utrecht University.