Vacancy Board Association VUUR

For the board of VUUR, we are looking for enthusiastic VUUR members who would like to govern the largest participation association of Utrecht. The association board is an indispensable part that provides for the main lines and organisation of the association, mutual communication and a joint campaign. In addition, the board has the task of continuing the upward trend of the association, after the success of the elections, in the coming academic year.


Position Board member Association VUUR
Workload 4-6 hours a week, doable in addition to studies or a council year
Time September 1st 2022 – August 31st 2023
Application procedure

Applying is possible until July 15th 2022 23:59;
Conversations will be planned immediately after this deadline.
The Board changeover will take place at the first General Members Assembly of the new academic year. The departing board will present a candidate board to the members in the run-up to the change, if possible at the preceding GMA. 


What is the VUUR board?


The board is primarily a communicative and organisational body that stands between the various VUUR fractions and the VUUR members. They ensure that the various groups communicate with each other, that members have a say in major decisions, and that activities, input nights and, above all, the campaign are organised. Board members can also be council members of a VUUR fraction, but this is certainly not necessary.


What does the board do?


The board has one core task: leading the association. The board does this by means of the following subtasks:


  1. Planning, facilitating and leading GMAs, in which members come together and association matters are discussed. These include, for example, the distribution of VUUR’s various committees, approving budgets and financial statements, and plenary discussions of important issues within the association.
  2. Appointing a campaign team. The highlight of the year is, of course, the elections. The board ensures that a campaign committee is equipped with the resources and people needed to mount a great campaign.
  3. Compose other committees. Currently, VUUR has the following committees: an application committee (SoCo), a search committee (ZoekCo) and a activities committee (AcCie)
  4. Recruit new members for the association.


Who are we looking for?


For the board, we are looking for at least 3 students who have an affinity with VUUR. Experience within VUUR in the past year is a plus, but certainly not a necessity. We would like to compose a diverse group, reflecting the VUUR members. We are looking for candidates for the following positions:


  • Chair
    As chair, you represent the association and carry the final responsibility over it. This means that you are the first contact point for many external relations and that you ensure that the entire board can properly fulfil its tasks. To this end, you draw up agendas, you lead (member and board) meetings and you keep an overview of the action points and the year planning. In this way, you ensure that all necessary tasks are carried out and that work is done within the framework of the association’s long-term vision. Of course, you also have the space to pick up your own portfolios and projects.
  • Secretary
    As secretary, you are the first point of contact for the members, since you are responsible for the mailbox and all other communication from the board to the members. Furthermore, you take minutes during the board meetings and the General Members’ Assembly. As such, (written) communication skills are a plus. Additionally, you take care of the membership records. We use Codex for that, but no stress if you’re unfamiliar. Finally, you get to take on many interesting portfolios.
  • Treasurer
    As treasurer you are responsible for the financial affairs of the association. You (at least) make a budget for the entire association year and a budget for the campaign. You also make sure that these budgets are respected by your fellow board members or committees and you make sure that the finances are explained to the members in a clear way at an ALV. It is not necessary to have a lot of experience with finances, a good dose of general insight will get you a long way! Furthermore, there is enough space left to do what you like, so you can create your own portfolios!
  • General board member
    In addition to the three fixed positions on the board, various commissioner positions can also be created. Previous years, the functions ‘Member Recruitment and Campaign’ and ‘Public Relations’ were chosen to accommodate the main tasks of the board. However, the content and names of the commissioner functions can be freely determined. Last year, no special name was given to the general board member. The main task of these general board members is to take care of the (set of) portfolio(s) that is/are assigned to them. This is besides the general management of the association and its committees, together with the other board members.


Please indicate in your short motivation which position(s) you aspire to and why you think you can fulfil it well! If you are interested in the position of general board member, also let us know which portfolio(s) you aspire to. If you are interested, but do not immediately know how or through which position you want to contribute, please contact us! The ideal candidate has the following qualities:


  • A heart for student participation;
  • Good communication skills;
  • Assertive and proactive;
  • Being able to think and work ad hoc;
  • Stress-resistant.



What can we offer you?


We will do everything we can to give you a good onboarding as a board member. In addition, this is an exceptional experience to experience all sides of participation and to have a leading role in it. You will learn a lot about communication, solution-oriented thinking and behind-the-scenes participation and you will receive a lot of appreciation from your members for the work you do. Moreover, in a short period of time, you get to know many enthusiastic and committed people from all sorts of disciplines on the VUUR Board. That offers excellent opportunities to stimulate your own development and expand your network.


How can I apply?


Do you recognise yourself in the above profile and are you excited? Then respond quickly! You can apply until July 15th 23:59 by sending your resume and a motivation letter (max. 1 A4, more is really not necessary(!)) to In your application letter, state the position you are applying for and how you would like to contribute to the association. This may be very concrete, but may also be a fairly general picture. If you want to apply as a general board member, indicate which portfolio(s) you would like to take on. If you still have doubts about anything, do not hesitate to call one of us. Soon after the deadline, the conversations with applicants will take place to get acquainted. It is possible that we will contact you during that period to ensure that the applicants are matched to the right positions! Important to know is that we strive to give everyone who wants to contribute to the association the opportunity to do so. In addition to board positions, there are plenty of opportunities to take on a leading role within committees. 




If you have any questions, please get in touch wit hus! You can reach us at or, for current members, by sending us a private message on Whatsapp.