Vacancy Member Faculty Council

Vacancy Member Faculty Council

The vacancy is closed. 
Would you like to be active for VUUR (during the elections)? Sign up as a member of mail the board for more information!

For all other faculty councils, we are looking for students who would like to represent the interests of all students at their faculty in formulating the policy of the faculty board. Because VUUR is currently not on all faculty councils, there is no separate application procedure for these faculties. We will work with you to find out how you can apply for the faculty council of your faculty, and what role VUUR can / may play in this. VUUR would like to represent students across the entire university and therefore end up on as many faculty councils as possible. The larger the network, the greater our shared experience. Will you join us?



The name VUUR is a dutch abbreviation for United Councils of Utrecht University. We are a student participation party that is active throughout the university. With council members in various faculties, we are an important player in determining the course of the university. Important documents, such as the faculty budget, the faculty strategic plan and rules regarding examining, are submitted to the faculty council (FR) for approval. In this way, as a co-decision maker, you can supervise the management and policy of the faculty and make improvements where possible. There is also room to submit your own initiatives to the Faculty Board.



We would like to see students with strong content on our list for the 2021 elections. Naturally we would like to see students who (want to) be involved in the organization of the Faculty. In addition, the ideal candidate has the following qualities: (pre, no requirement)

  • Critical thinking skills;
  • Result-oriented and realistic;
  • Good communication skills;
  • Assertive and proactive;
  • Collaborate in a team;
  • Perseverance;
  • Any previous experience with student participation / management.



As a councilor for VUUR your activities include:

  • Analyzing documents and formulating policy advice;
  • keeping good order within the faculty as a whole;
  • To get into policy documents on specific themes;
  • Maintaining contacts with many interested discussion partners and the supporters (fellow students and VUUR);
  • Presenting your own initiatives or points of view and defending them;
  • Participate in the activities and training of VUUR.


  • The time investment is 0,2-0,3 FTE (4-10 hours per week); (The time given differs per faculty)
  • The formal start date is September 1, 2021;
  • The fee for council work is approximately €1100,00 tot €2200,00 per year; (The fee differs per faculty)
  • A budget for education and training for the council;
  • Presence during the elections (April 6-8) is mandatory;
  • The induction period starts from June and can be combined with side activities.



We will do everything we can to optimally prepare the selected candidates for the elections and the following council year. Training and workshops, but also fun and balance! As a member of VUUR you also get to know many involved people from all kinds of disciplines in a short period of time. This offers excellent opportunities to stimulate your development and expand your own network.



Do you recognize yourself in the above profile and have you become enthusiastic about the work? Respond quickly! You can apply until 7 March 2021 11:59 pm by sending your CV and a motivation letter (max. one A4) to

We will schedule a meeting with you as soon as possible to get acquainted. All VUUR candidates will then be announced on the GMM in March.



If you have any questions regarding this vacancy, please do not hesitate to contact us! You can reach us via Then we will answer your question as soon as possible!