Vacancy ZoekCo (Search Committee)

Vacancy ZoekCo (Search Committee)

You can apply until October 31st 2022!

What is the ZOekCo (Search Committee)?

According to the Internal Regulations (Huishoudelijk Reglement), the Search Committee is charged with recruiting applicants and list pushers for the fraction in the University Council. It does not select the candidates, that task lies with the Selection Committee (SoCo). The ZoekCo only looks for interested students. In consultation with the faculty fractions, the position can be expanded and candidates can also be recruited for the faculty councils.


What does the ZoekCo (Search Committee) do?

As a member of the ZoekCo you will mainly focus on reaching the largest possible target group of students. At the beginning, you will make a strategy for this together. For this, the ZoekCo takes the profile drawn up by the SoCo and applies it in practice. As soon as the drawing has been done, list pushers will also be searched for in cooperation with the new candidates. Components that belong to the ZoekCo:

  • Involving as large a network as possible
  • Contacting potential candidates
  • Thinking about the visibility of VUUR (in cooperation with the PromoCie)
  • Organising an interest get-together
  • Consultations with the board and corresponding political groups on progress. (This is done through the committee chair)


Who are we looking for?

For the ZoekCo it is ideal to be able to reach as large a group of people as possible together. So we are looking for a group of people who hopefully are spread across a large number of faculties or at least have connections at many faculties.
The ideal candidate has the following qualities: (pre, no requirement)

  • A large network;
  • Creativity;
  • Good communication skills;
  • You have knowledge of people;
  • Good command of the English language.


What do we offer you?

As a member of the ZoekCo, you will learn what it is like to be able to reach a large target group and to make people enthusiastic about VUUR. Furthermore, you will gain experience in working together and creating visibility for your fellow students. You will also be able to expand your network and you will contribute to a successful election period for VUUR.


How do I register?

Sign up by filling in the form below. It is possible to fill in your application in English. After the deadline has passed, the board will set up a committee and inform the candidates as soon as possible. If we receive a large number of applications, a selection procedure can be initiated.


Any questions?

If you have any questions about this vacancy, please contact us! You can reach us via, or you can use WhatsApp to contact one of the boardmembers.