VUUR has a number of core themes:

  • Education
  • Sustainability
  • Student welbeing
  • Inclusivity
The interpretation of these themes is determined per fraction.
our positions

Election program

All fractions draw up an election program before the elections. The program states what they want to achieve in the council next year.



Are you curious about who eligible on behalf of VUUR for the university council or your faculty?

Our candidates

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About the elections

Cast your vote for a better university

Every year, Utrecht University organizes elections for the participation councils in collaboration with the Centraal Stembureau. During the elections the students vote for who may represent them. The chosen students work together with the board for a year and thus determine the direction of the university.

More information (uu.nl)

When and where can I vote?

Elections will take place at Utrecht University from 8 to 10 May 2023! You can vote for VUUR via uu.nl/vote. Make sure you have your Solis-ID with F2A at hand.  learn more

Why should I vote for VUUR?

Lijst VUUR is one of the participating parties and is distinguished by its extensive network of experienced student participants, both in the University Council and in the Faculty Councils.  learn more

Can I still participate in the elections on behalf of VUUR?

Nice that you are interested in being a candidate for VUUR! We have already found our candidates for the upcoming elections. Do you want to support Lijst VUUR or participate next year? Become a member to stay up to date with the latest developments and to already have a chat with the student participants of 2023-2024.  learn more

What we choose?

In every layer of the Utrecht University organization, students and staff participate in discussions about policy and provide advice to the various administrative bodies. During these elections we choose the members for the University Council and the Faculty Councils.  learn more

Vote now. We count on you.

The participation councils where we have a list

VUUR tries to represent students in as many places as possible. Have a look at the different councils where VUUR is eligible!

University council


Social and Behavioural Sciences




Law, Economics and Governance