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About the elections

When and why are there elections?

From June 2nd to 4th 2020 you can vote during the elections for student representatives at Utrecht University! In every layer of the organisation of Utrecht University, students and employees are involved in advising on the policies of the executive bodies. VUUR is one of the parties that takes part in these elections, with her big network of experienced and well-trained representatives.

How can I vote?

During the elections, you can vote for VUUR via this link using your Solid-ID.

Why should I vote for VUUR?

VUUR is a university-wide party that defends the rights of Utrecht University students. It is the only party that takes part in elections throughout the entire university, in both the University Council and Faculty Councils. This allows us to represent students from all faculties in a righteous manner. Because we are an association, our members all know each other well. This way, our members are easily informed on everything that’s going on throughout the university, which can be used in student representation. Our association also provides in training, which allows us to constantly improve and grow as politicians. This improves the quality of student representation, which is very important to us. Also, our candidates are all selected through a very strict selection procedure, both on student participation issues and on a diverse background. Our representatives are also not dependent on the viewpoints of a national party, but are representative of Utrecht and its specific issues.

Are you curious about our viewpoints per theme? You can find them here. Are you not in the mood for reading? In that case, you can watch one of our campaign videos, which were made for the 2018-2019 elections.

Read here our complete election program