Our candidates for the participation councils in 2021-2022

This year, Lijst VUUR participates for no less than four different participation councils in the elections in early April. Find out who can represent you next year in the University Council or in your Faculty Council.

University Council

Lijst VUUR has put together a nice list of 30 students. Quickly find out who is participating.

All candidates

Faculty Humanities

With no fewer than 12 candidates, Lijst VUUR is participating this year for seats on the Faculty Council of Humanities.

All candidates

Faculty Social and Behavioural Sciences

This year again, Lijst VUUR will be present at the faculty council elections at the Faculty of Social Sciences. See here our four council members.

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Faculty Law, Economics and Governance

After a year of absence, Lijst VUUR is back in the Faculty of LEG. Lijst VUUR is participating in the departments of Law and USBO with a total of 6 candidates.

All candidates

Vote now. We count on you.