Canidates faculty council Science


Candidates faculty council Science

We proudly present you to our candidates for the Science Council 2019 – 2020. Follow their Facebook page to keep updated on the latest news! Click here to vote!

BSc Molecular Life Sciences

1) Demian van Gurp

UBV, Proton, Amino 
Focus: sustainability

My name is Demian and I’m a third-year student of Molecular Life Sciences, via Chemistry. I’m currently in the University Council on behalf of Lijst VUUR, and I would like to represent you in the Science Faculty also on behalf of Lijst VUUR upcoming year! I would like to be commit myself to sustainability, return of the Vagant, improvement of lecture halls, work rooms, and study areas and much more. I would like to get in touch with the students in such way that I can take care of everything that is going on at our Faculty! I hope you would like to vote for me or for one of the other candidates from Lijst VUUR!

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