Candidates Humanities

Our candidates for the Faculty Council Humanities

These 16 wonderful people are candidates for the Humanities Faculty Council. Please read their story below the photo, about their motivation for student participation.

Pepijne van Rooijen

List Leader

Student Communicatie- en Informatiewetenschappen, board member SVO Humanities, former board SV Contact and involved with Amnesty International SG Utrecht.

Pepijne: The university should be a place for ALL students and create a safe environment for all its students. Lijst VUUR is working hard to make this happen: a sustainable, inclusive, accessible place with room for student wellbeing, personal growth and development. Next year, I would therefore like to dedicate myself to making the university a little more beautiful!

Kim van Dorp

Number 2

Student Liberal Arts & Sciences, former board member of SIB-Utrecht and member of USLAS Atlas.

Kim: During my board year at SIB-Utrecht, I learned how much influence you can have on the lives of students. However, this was on a small scale and I would like to take this responsibility to a higher level.

Saskia Hubers

Number 3

Masterstudent Applied Ethics and member of ViaKunst and FUF.

Tessa Hölscher

Number 4

Student Liberal Arts & Sciences and English Language & Culture. Member of USLAS Atlas and study association Albion.

Tessa: My main points are:

– Promoting sustainability within HUM – Promoting and standing up for the interests of internationals – Initiating discussions on inclusion and student wellbeing (e.g. discussing the option for online/recorded lectures)

Koen Janssen

Number 5

Student Taal- en Cultuurstudies and member of Study Foundation Alias.

Koen: Hey! My name is Koen and I am currently in my third year of Language- and Cultural studies. Next year I want to push for both student wellbeing and quality of education, as I feel like the transition from digital to physical education does not always go smoothly. I mainly think it is important that students know where they can go and what the possibilities within the university are, so that everybody gets the support they need!

Myrte Spaargaren

Number 6

Student Liberal Arts & Sciences and Filosofie. Current fraction leader for VUUR in the Faculty Council of Humanities. Former chair of study association Eureka and member of USLAS Atlas and SIB-Utrecht.

Meike Kooistra

Number 7

Student Communicatie- en Informatiewetenschappen, member of DWARS Utrecht and study associations Contact and Eureka.

Mees Schenk

Number 8

Student Geschiedenis and actively involved with Jonge Democraten and Jonge Democraten Utrecht.

Loes van Deursen

Number 9

Student Communicatie- en Informatiewetenschappen and member of study association Eureka.

Loes: I would like to be able to have a real influence on the approach to problems that fellow students and I encounter. I also want to gain more experience of working in a more serious setting within an organisation.

Emily Hengeveld

Number 10

Student Geschiedenis and member of the swimming association Utrecht.

Emily: I want to get to know the process of decision-making, and meet people with whom I can exchange ideas.

Rosaly Shahbandarian

Number 11

Student Liberal Arts & Sciences and member of study association Eureka.

Sven Elbers

Number 12

Student Geschiedenis and member of the Utrechtsch Studenten Corps.

Sophia de Winter

Number 13

Student Duitse Taal en Cultuur and chair of study association Aufschwung.

Chiara Stam

Number 14

Student Media en cultuur. Current fraction chair for VUUR in the University Council and secretary of association VUUR. Former chair of study association AKT.

Martijn van Ekert

Number 15

Student Nederlanse Taal en Cultuur and member of study association Awater.

Lune de Rijck

Number 16

Student Philosphy, Politics and Economics and member of study association Metis.

Lune: Personally, I often feel under-represented as a queer and non-binary person in the university’s representative body. Looking to the future, we see the university growing into a place with many international and diverse people. Therefore, as a university council member, I want to be ready to fight to make the university as inclusive as possible for them as well.

Pelle Boers

Number 17

Student Filosofie and Liberal Arts & Sciences. Current Humanities Faculty Council member for VUUR , former department assessor Filosofie en Religie. Former commissioner Internal Affairs at USLAS Atlas.

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