Candidates LEG

Our candidates for the Faculty Council Law, Economics and Governance

These 5 people are candidates for the Law, Economics and Governance Faculty Council. All are in the race for a seat in the Law Department. Please read their story below the photo, about their motivation for student participation.


Hugo Wagenmakers

List leader

Student Rechtsgeleerdheid and member of VUUR and PYO JSPvdA.

Hugo: My motivation to participate is that I would like to see change in certain matters at the faculty LEG. I have seen and heard the same dissatisfaction from fellow students and that is why I am going to try to realise my solutions via lijst VUUR, because I like the cooperation within this party. Besides, it seems like a lot of fun to participate!

Luuk Nafzger

Number 2

Student Rechtsgeleerdheid, member of JSVU and active member of D66 Utrecht.

Luuk: I like to take part in the social debate and to work together towards solutions. I do this by actively engaging with first-year students at my faculty, among other things. Therefore, I am not afraid to ask questions, to be critical and to give my opinion. And if something happens at the university and I think it should be done differently, I will bring it up with the faculty. I send emails to the director of education and the departments, sometimes on behalf of my fellow students, and I consult with them if I think something should be done differently. I have achieved things before and in this way I contribute to good communication between students and lecturers. My main point of departure is always that every student can participate and study, thus reaching his or her optima.

RĂ©mi ter Haar

Number 3

Current chair of the student section of the University Council, on behalf of VUUR. Student Professioneel Vertalen and Public International Law, with a focus on climate and law of the sea. Background in French language and culture.

Mels Tijdgat

Number 4

Student Rechtsgeleerdheid and current member of the Law, Economics and Governance Faculty Council on behalf of VUUR and member of S.S.R.-N.U..

Elianne Westra

Number 5

Student Rechtsgeleerdheid and member of Jonge Democraten Utrecht.

Elianne: The past 5 years I have had a colourful and active student life in Utrecht. During this time I have been active in various student associations, PYOs and social organisations. With all these experiences, I would now like to get involved in representing the students of the faculty LEG of Utrecht University. To contribute to the development of the studies and the bond with the students!

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