Candidates faculty council Law, Economy and Governance


Candidates faculty council Law, Economy and Governance

We proudly present you to our candidates for the Humanities Council 2019 – 2020. Follow their Facebook page to keep updated on the latest news!

LLB Rechtsgeleerdheid & BA Geschiedenis

1) Diede Kok

Focus: internationalisering

My name is Diede, nice to meet you! I’m in my third year of history and I have this year also started with my bachelor of law. I’m part of the first English history group, which means I experienced the internationalization from day 1. My goal for next year is thus to better and ease the internationalization and bring best practices with me, whilst preserving the Dutch academic culture and giving equal chances to internationals. Additionally, I want to commit myself to preserving our high standards of education, where teachers and students work in a healthy environment despite the reorganization.

LLB Rechtsgeleerdheid & BA Filosofie

2) Nienke Prins

Focus: career prospects

Nienke is studying Philosophy and Law and plays the violin at Utrechtsch Studenten Concert. Last year, she was president of this orchestra. In this function she has learned to give guidance, take responsibility and make good contacts. She plans to take this experience with her to the faculty council next year.

“I go to the university because of education and I want to work for the quality of it. That’s my priority, and also the one of VUUR. I’d like to see that the university is not only there for the excellent students, but for anyone who wants to and can study. I want the faculty to set aside monitary thinking, lowering the threshold for students who want to join a board or council and taking away the threshold entirely for those who are functionally impaired.”

LLB Rechtsgeleerdheid

3) Fedoua Ouchan

Insan, JSVU
Focus: diversiteit

Fedoua is 23 years old, born and raised in Nijkerk and studying Law. In addition, she is president of student association INSAN. From that capacity, she has made many external contacts for the association that can be used for the faculty council. In addition to the participation in the “bondgenotennetwerk” of Utrecht, Fedoua participates in a working group working on a vision for the city centre of Utrecht. She has also gained a lot of skills in the field of management and organizing events. She is also working as an employee of civil affairs at the municipality, where she can use her legal knowledge.
In her scarce free time, she likes to write short poetic stories.

Within the university, Fedoua wants to use her power for student wellbeing, diversity and inclusiveness and its practical application and a sustainable faculty!

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