University Council

Candidates University Council

Roman Monte

Party leader

Student Biology and current member of the faculty council Science. Pole-vaulter.

Andreia Duque

Spot 2

Student Economic Policy and comes from Portugal. Playing basketball and member of ECU’92.

Marijn Baars

Spot 3

Student Dutch Studies and en experienced representative. Former board of SV Awater.

Nandika Mogha

Spot 4

Student at University College Utrecht. Originally from New Delhi, India.

Tom Buster

Spot 5

Student Pedagogical Sciences and current chairman of SV Pap.

Niek van Baardewijk

Spot 6

Student Governance Organizational Science. Lid van studentenvereniging VGSU.

Joost van Woerkom

Spot 7

Student Liberal Arts & Sciences. Member of USLAS Atlas and DWARS, GroenLinks Youth.

Eef Brands

Spot 8

Student History of Politics and Society. Former-board VIDIUS and member of UHSK.

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Lola Bos

Spot 9

Medical student. Member of C.S. Veritas and USHC.

Eefje Corbeek

Spot 10

History student. Active member of the SIB and the Young Socialists.

Casper van Hugten

Spot 11

Student of Biomedical Sciences. Secretary of study association M.B.V. Mebiose.

Fleur Schipstra

Spot 12

Veterinary Medicine student. Member of VGSU, D.S.K. and V.V.F.C. de Uithof.

Jippe van Broekhoven

Spot 13

Earth Sciences student. Member of study association U.A.V. and C.S. Veritas.

Sanneke Crezee

Spot 14

Law student. (Utrecht Law College) Member of Unitas S.R. and Sirius.

Esther van Zandwijk

Spot 15

Student Educational Sciences. Member of USV Protos and study association VOCUS.

Merel Straver

Spot 16

Student of Sociology. Treasurer of study association Usocia.

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Sjoerd Houweling

Spot 17

Student Pedagogical Sciences. (Honors) Member of Van Slag, SGS and advisory board of PAP.

Dylan van Tongeren

Spot 18

Chemistry student. Vice chairman of U.S.S. Proton and member of SV Ergo.

Anna Marije Buren

Spot 19

Student German Language and Culture. Chairman of the Faculty Council and former secretary Aufschwung.

Wouter Bosch

Spot 20

Student Dutch Studies. Chairman of Study Association Awater.

Maaike den Bakker

Spot 21

Student of General Social Sciences. Member of C.S. Veritas and Versatile.

Inge Ossentjuk

Spot 22

Student Global Sustainability Sciences. Education Commissioner at Storm and member of USHC.

Casper de Haes

Spot 23

Student Utrecht University College. (Descartes) Member of the University Council.

Jacob Hilz

Spot 24

History student. Member of the Faculty Council of humanities and member of A.U.S.R. Orca.

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Sanne Jasker

Spot 25

Student of Social Geography and Planning. (Descartes) Member of A.U.S.R. Orca and V.U.G.S ..

Joris Canoy

Spot 26

Student Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. Member of Metis, U.H.S.V. Anteros and the Young Democrats.

Anais Claeys

Spot 27

Student International Law. Member of the Green Office.

Sidney Yeo

Spot 28

Liberal Arts & Sciences student. Board of Study Association USLAS Atlas.

Stijn Bruijsten

Spot 29

Student Global Sustainability Sciences. Member of Storm, Enactus and TC de Uithof.

Veronique Scharwächter

Spot 30

Student Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. Member of Eureka and author of the book StudentenDenken.

Vote now. We count on you.