VUUR = Your education

Education is for everyone and should therefore always be accessible to everyone. Although in theory every Dutch person should be able to study at university, in reality this is not always the case. For people with a less favourable background, studying can be quite a challenge. Or think, for example, of people who are less mobile, but have to climb the stairs. VUUR is committed to the accessibility of education. Contrasting with this subject, VUUR sees the university becoming increasingly impersonal. Lecture halls, overcrowded working groups and fewer and fewer practical’s. However, these are important pillars on which education rests. VUUR fights for personal, small scale education!

VUUR = Sustainability

Solving the climate crisis is perhaps the greatest challenge mankind ever faced, as it threatens both nature and mankind as a whole. It is for this reason that our university has a wonderful department that focuses entirely on sustainability. Of course, sustainability encompasses more than just renewable energy. Our university is a major knowledge centre in this important field. VUUR is of the opinion that the UU has an exemplary function and should use all its knowledge and experience to take the lead on the road to a sustainable future. Read more in the election programme about how VUUR will provide green energy and fight for a zero waste UU.

VUUR = Student wellbeing

Wellbeing is the centre of attention. A growing problem among students is that their studies seem to be at the expense of their wellbeing. A society in which students succumb to performance pressure. Students have to finish their studies in three years with high grades and also have to fill their CV with extracurricular activities. But when will they have time for themselves? Students who have to resit or hand in projects during the Christmas holidays rarely have time for themselves. VUUR pleads for a Christmas holiday without worries. No test moments during the holiday or in the first week after! VUUR also sees that the guidance of the individual student is poor. More personal attention, whether or not in the form of tutoring, study advisor or student psychologist, can ensure that problems are discovered at an early stage. In this way, something can be done before it becomes a major problem.

VUUR = Inclusiveness

VUUR is committed to an inclusive university so that every student feels welcome! It is extremely important that everyone has access to university buildings. That’s why VUUR is dedicated to a university where all facilities are accessible to everyone! We also believe that learning the Dutch language is very important for international students to integrate in our university and in the Netherlands. Language barriers create socio-cultural barriers. It creates alienation. Unfortunately, language courses are very expensive. VUUR is committed to affordable language courses for Dutch and international students. In this way, VUUR contributes to bringing people together.

Would you like to read more? Read our entire election program.