Election programs

Election Programs

Each year, the candidate groups write down their plans and goals for the coming academic year in the form of an election program. In these programs you, the voters, can see exactly which way Lijst VUUR wants to go in the different councils. The programs are an elaboration of the general viewpoints of VUUR, as described in this site.

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Election program University Council

We proudly present this election program with all plans and positions for the coming academic year. In the midst of the Corona pandemic, it is not surprising that we are devoting a chapter to our plans for the start-up after Corona. Yet we also like to look ahead, to everything else that also deserves attention. The University Council’s program will build on what VUUR achieved and started in recent years.

Program University Council

Election program Faculty Council Humanities

A program full of ambitions and plans for the coming year. Attention has been and will continue to be paid to the quality of education, student well-being and inclusiveness. But also this year for the study associations, international students and sustainability goals.

Program Humanities

Election program Faculty Council Social and Behavioural Sciences

Despite the lack of elections at our faculty this year, our group would like to present its plans for the coming academic year. We want to focus even more on student wellbeing, in particular on stress and psychologically related complaints. We also consider the consequences of Corona, and how we can solve them.

Program Social and Behavioural Sciences

Election program Faculty Council Law, Economics and Governance

After a year of absence, back to the REBO faculty to guarantee the quality of education and student well-being. In addition, subjects such as housing, internationalization and student participation are affected. Our main goal is to make it easier for students: all information on one platform, recorded lectures and a less strict resit criteria.

Program Law, Economics and Governance

Vote now. We count on you.